Masters in Education Degrees in California

We found 252 Masters in Education programs of varying specialties in California.
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We found 65 schools in California with Masters in Education degrees in our online Masters in Education database. California teaching requirements require a Bachelors Degree or higher from an accredited university, completion of a student teaching or approved teacher preparation program, the passing of the CSET test, completion of a U.S. Constitution Course, and there is a Clear Credential option that allows you to renew your credentials by completing a couple of programs and meeting national board certification. Read on for more detail information about teacher certification in California and the different Masters in Education programs in California.
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There are 65 universities in California with Graduate-level Teaching Education programs in our directory.

Earning a Masters Degree in Education will require time, effort, planning, and a lot of critical thinking. Achieving this level of degree is not just impressive from the level of the degree but because you will likely have a part in shaping the education of the future of America.

The California education system is no different and the requirements for teachers at different levels are constantly changing. Earning a masters level degree in education can be an instrumental part of satisfying those requirements and can also help make you more versatile in different roles within education.

How to Become a Teacher in California

Each state will likely have some unique requirements or differences from other states unless they fall into a regional agreement with other states on requirements (which does exist). For California, you can usually expect to see the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited university
  • Completion of student teaching program or other approved teacher prep program
  • Pass the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers) Test
  • U.S. Constitution Course

There is also a Clear Credential option that allows you to renew your credentials by completing a couple of programs and meeting national board certification. As opposed to the Preliminary Credential that is only valid for 5 years. California is no different from any other state and different policies and legislature being put into place can have an effect on what these requirements look like. Be sure to always review these requirements and see what your Master’s level degree would satisfy.

What to Expect in a Masters in Education Program in California

There are several variations of master’s degrees that you can choose from within California. Each one will offer its own unique approach to the layout of the degree and educational goals they put forward.

Berkeley states that their Development Teacher Education Graduate Studies degree will focus on how the teach can improve the classroom. They try to show you (as a future educator) how to handle a cultural and even linguistically diverse setting. They also mention that many of those that complete the DTE graduate program go onto trying to find employment within San Francisco (not surprising due to location proximity of the campus).

UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies prides themselves on being the only global public research university that began as a teachers college. Their M.A. in Higher Education and Organizational Change is one that will focus it’s degree around showing graduates how to transform the organizational structure of a teaching institution.

You will see that many of the programs in California will have a deep focus around teaching their graduates the history behind teaching to better understand how the future can be shaped. As there are multiple philosophies behind teaching, these institutions will try to highlight those in an effort to help the master’s graduate form their own opinions and approach.

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California Masters Degree Curriculum and Course Work

Each institution will likely have a different curriculum from the next (especially when you look at different master’s specialties) but we wanted to try and highlight a few common classes. This doesn’t mean that every master’s program in California will have this course in their curriculum but rather give you an idea of what you might learn in the various programs.

  • Elementary Classroom Leadership and Management: You might expect this class to focus around teaching core concepts of leading a classroom the different ways of doing so. It will likely focus on which leadership methodologies can provide the greatest environment for learning depending on the situation.
  • Education in a Diverse Society: The US has several cultures that melt within the country. You might expect this class to look at those different cultures and try to prepare you to handle those differences in an effective manner.
  • Curriculum Theory: Depending on the subject you end up teaching, this course will likely look at the different ways you can structure and institute subject curriculum. Mapping the curriculum out and pairing it with relevant subject matters could be one of the focal points of this course.

These are just examples of a few courses you might see in a Master’s Degree but don’t be surprised if you don’t see one of these in your own. Each school and their programs are different. As you begin to look at specialty options within the graduate program, you will see the courses typically cater more closely to that specialty subject matter. You should also be aware that many graduate programs may have online components and could be expected to see a lot of the work be done online.

California Teacher Careers

We’ve pulled BLS data regarding a variety of levels of different teacher salary and career information. All of the data is unique to California but doesn’t indicate any kind of guarantee as different areas will have different cost of living, etc. This data is pulled from BLS data and

  • Average Elementary School Teacher Salary: $72,360
  • Average Secondary School Teacher Salary: $74,770
  • Employment Per 1,000: 6.28

As each city in California will vary greatly on the cost of living, you will need to take that into account when evaluating the average salaries for the state mentioned above. You can also look to these averages when trying to decide between an elementary school teacher career or secondary school teaching. Averages might be indicators but are no guarantee that one will make more than the other.

California has a rich history of education and teaching which many of the graduate programs take great pride in. You can utilize our list of Master’s in Education Programs within the state of California to find the right one for you.

List of Masters in Education Programs

All California Programs

See below for the list of all of the graduate teaching programs in California. You can filter down by state, accrediting board, or program to find the best program for you.
Masters in Education Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
American Jewish University
Los Angeles, California
Antioch University-Los Angeles Branch
Culver City, California
Antioch University-Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California
Bethany University
Scotts Valley, California
Biola University
La Mirada, California
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo, California
California State University San Bernardino
San Bernardino, California
California State University-Channel Islands
Camarillo, California
California State University-Dominguez Hills
Carson, California
California State University-Long Beach
Long Beach, California
California State University-Monterey Bay
Seaside, California
California State University-Sacramento
Sacramento, California
California State University-San Bernardino
San Bernardino, California
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, California
Dominican University of California
San Rafael, California
Fielding Graduate University
Santa Barbara, California
Humphreys College-Stockton
Stockton, California
John F Kennedy University
Pleasant Hill, California
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, California
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Monterey, California
Patten University
Oakland, California
Phillips Graduate Institute
Encino, California
San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus
Calexico, California
Los Angeles, California
University of California-Berkeley
Berkeley, California
University of California-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California