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We found 49 Masters in Education programs of varying specialties in Arizona.
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Arizona provides several different options when trying to earn a Masters in Education degree. You will need to try and decide whether an online program is an option, what schools your current credential meet for application, and whether geographic location is a factor. We've compiled that research and more so you understand the full opportunity behind achieving this level of degree and what it will take to make happen if you live in the state of Arizona.
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Arizona Teacher Career Statistics

Trying to base salary and career information on national statistics can be very challenging. Each state offers a wide range of factors like the cost of living and types of housing. So to make that decision easier, we’ve actually pulled together statistics specific to Arizona so you have a better idea when evaluating the averages related to a masters degree.

  • Average Arizona Elementary School Teacher Salary: $41,940
  • Average Arizona Secondary School Teacher Salary: $47,060
  • Employment Per 1,000: 5.69

You can see that secondary school teachers have an average salary 12% higher than elementary school teachers. Depending on the type of Masters in Education program you are looking at, it is important to see what career tracks that will allow you to take (elementary, secondary, administration, etc.). Flexibility in a degree can be important as your career could go in different directions in the future.

Becoming a Teacher in Arizona

Before embarking on your masters in education journey, you should evaluate whether you a) need to for the position you desire and b) if you fulfill some of the common Arizona requirements for the graduate program. You might expect to see some of the following program requirements:

  • GPA above 3.0 (this number could vary depending on the school)
  • Examples of your writing
  • Classroom teaching experience (different schools might offer different definitions or exceptions around “experience”)
  • Letters of recommendation

There are also a lot of tests common to education related masters programs like the Test of English as A Foreign Language (TOEFL) or other English speaking evaluation courses. Be sure to understand what each program requires that you are evaluating during your masters program selection process. Also, be sure to research whether or not you even needs a masters degree for your desired career. It should be noted that a Masters level degree in education might offer future flexibility if you decide to make a change to your career path (ex. going from teaching in the classroom to administrative leadership positions).

What to Expect in Your Arizona Masters in Education Program

When factors like cost and location are essentially even between two programs, you have to dive further into the details around the program itself. How do they primarily teach? Is it through mostly textbooks or hands on experiences? How much of their program looks at new experimental teaching trends versus traditional ones? We’ve pulled some of those unique details for a few different Arizona programs.

The University of Arizona offers a 36 unit program that if executed correctly can be completed in one year. This is quite different from many of the master programs in education that take 18 to 24 total months (these estimates vary depending on semester course load).

Arizona State University was awarded “Best Grad Schools 2017” by U.S. News. If you consider this to be a part of the prestige around a particular graduate program, factors like these can often sway your decision making.

Northern Arizona University prides their program around looking at the past successes in education innovation while looking to the newest trends as well.

Arizona Master’s Degree in Education Common Curriculum

Understanding the level of degree required for your desired career is important. It is also important to know some of the common courses you can expect to see in different Arizona graduate programs related to teaching. Here are a couple that we’ve pulled from our research:

  • Educational Psychology Applied to Learning: Not only will you look at theories around teaching, you will also better understand development issues common in teaching.
  • Assessment of Students: You can likely expect this course to look at accountability theories for students and how to assess them. It may also include a focus around practice programs for the larger state regulated tests.

The convenience of most schools is that they provide their entire curriculum requirements online. There are some that may require a Statistics class which some might find challenging and should be considered in their graduate program selection process.

Arizona offers a ton of opportunity and degree options related to teaching and education. Utilizing our research should help to make this decision process easier and to find the right program for you. Earning your Masters in Education degree can help you become a part of shaping the future of Arizona!

List of Masters in Education Programs

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