Online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree program can be the gateway for current teachers that want to advance their career. This program can also be an entry-level program for graduates from other related bachelor's degree programs that are looking for a method of obtaining their license to teach. This program can help set you apart from other teachers within your area, as well as provide you with a better understanding of teaching fundamentals that are required for excellence within the school systems.
Consider a featured Online Master's Degree:

If you are trying to rationalize going further with your teaching degree, you should consider the benefits of moving forward into a master's level program. With a master's degree, you could be subjected to better employment opportunities when your degree is paired with teaching experience.

Introduction to the Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

Choosing a specialty in your master’s program can also help you obtain teaching positions in particular areas of education, such as elementary, secondary, or special education. There can be unending benefits to moving to a higher level of degree, including a potential for better pay, the availability of obtaining positions in fields directly related to teaching (curriculum development & research), and the potential to find careers in leadership in education.

The doors to educational degrees are more open to people in recent times than ever before. It is always important to consider raising your educational level if you have the drive and the opportunity to do so. Online MAT degree programs are also growing in popularity, making it easier than ever to advance your degree. Our team of educational experts has composed a guide to help you gain more information about this online degree program, in hopes of making your journey to academic excellence easier than you imagined.

MAT Requirements

If you want to enroll in an online MAT program, you should consider the requirements of the program prior to enrolling. This master’s level program expects students to complete a formal application, submit an application fee, and deliver transcipts from all previously attended institutions prior to enrollment.

As a prerequisite requirement for this program, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a regionally or nationally accredited program. During this program, students must have obtained a minimum GPA of at least 3.0 to be considered for acceptance. The GPA requirement can be different depending on the school you are researching, so be sure to take note of this requirement throughout your search.

Students that are coming from unrelated bachelor’s degree programs may be expected to take additional courses throughout the master’s program in order to ensure that they have learned all of the necessary information for upcoming instructors.

Online MAT Program Considerations

Sometimes it takes a few years of work experience for professionals to realize that they need to consider a higher degree for better opportunities in the workplace. At this point, going back to college is not always an option for working professionals. The pressure of working full-time while trying to advance a degree can be too much for people that have already established a family-oriented lifestyle or for people that have a solid time dedication to their current career.

The advantages of online MAT programs include a time flexibility that cannot be found within traditional degree programs. What this means for students coming into the program is the ability to choosing different times of day to complete coursework, having the entire week to complete homework, and having the option of communicating with instructors and classmates through online course discussion boards. Since these online programs were designed for self-starters and independent learners, they can also provide students with the opportunity of completing their program at a quicker rate than standard educational programs, which is a huge benefit for students that want the fastest result from their degree advancement program.

Since the quality of these online programs is constantly under review through accreditation agencies, they are a reliable source of education for upcoming master’s students. Courses within these programs are taught by the same professors that teach traditional programs, making them an excellent choice for busy professionals.

Examples of 3 Online MAT Programs

Liberty University Online – Master of Arts in Teaching

One of the most prominent online MAT programs available can be found online at Liberty University. This completely online program requires that students complete 36 credit hours in order to graduate. During the program, students are required to engage in a 3 credit hour internship or student teaching position as part of the degree requirements. The entire program can be completed in less than 2 years.

Georgia Southern University – Online MAT Special Education & Early Childhood Education

Georgia Southern University has 2 options for students interested in pursuing their MAT online. Students can receive their online degree in specializations including Special Education and Early Childhood Education. The amount of credit hours required for each program is dependent on a student’s previously completed degree program and certifications. Most students can complete these programs within 2 years, but final times can vary depending on previous education and prerequisite requirements.

Michigan State University – Online Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum

Students that choose Michigan State University for their online degree program can complete the program after finishing 30 credit hours through this university. This program implements studies of technology in the classroom and curriculum development as a primary topic of instruction. Students that choose this exciting program can complete it within 1-2 years at full-time enrollment.

Common classes you can expect to see in an online MAT

Courses that you take during your online MAT can vary depending on what type of specialization you choose and the level of education you plan to teach. Some of the common courses that teach general teaching strategies that are applicable at all levels are listed below for you to browse.

Language Acquisition & Instruction

Students in this course can study the ways that oral and written language are learned and acquired. Differences in learning and difficulties with language may also be described in depth.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development is a major component of the educational process. This course outlines strategies that can be effective in appropriate information delivery and reception in students. Laws and regulations surrounding curriculum maintenance may also be touched on throughout this course.

Culture in the Classroom

This course seeks to help future professionals gain a better understanding of the importance of open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity in the classroom. Diversity, personality differences, and socioeconomics can be discussed in this class.

History of Education

Students in this course investigate education from a historical perspective. The evolution of educational laws and regulations, as well as the organization of educational sectors and boards are a major component of this course.

Writing Assessment and Instruction

This course teaches students how to properly instruct the writing process, strategies for improving test scores in writing, and providing an environment that is supportive of creative writing. Different types of writing, such as expository, poetic, and narrative may also be discussed.

Closing Thoughts

Making the decision to earn your Master of Arts in Teaching is a tough one to make and trying to find time in a busy schedule can be tougher. The online option to your MAT degree could be the most flexible option for you. Research accreditation around each of the programs you’re considering to insure that it works for your state. Utilize our comprehensive list of programs below to find the right program for you.