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Professional Educational Organizations – Join One (or more) Today!

You cannot join everything, but as a professional educator, you need to be connected. The list below includes links to a lengthy list of professional educational associations.  They include nearly every subject matter and educational specialty and they strongly influence educational practice and policy at the state and national level.

Exactly what is in it for you? Well, membership has benefits.  First of all, nearly all of these organizations publish journals, newsletters, and books describing current research and the latest best practices. It is the ideal place to go to find out what is happening and to keep up-to-date on the important issues and trends in your field.  Most professional educational organizations also sponsor education conventions and conferences.  Attending one of these state or national events will provide the perfect opportunity for professional development, often with CEUs (Continuing Education Units), not to mention incredible networking opportunities for members and attendees. You will also find that they are an excellent resource for grant resources and employment.

While membership dues range from $25 – $250 per year, many of these organizations offer reduced membership fees for full-time students.  Throughout my career I have maintained membership in at least three different educational organizations (one state, one national and one content-area) and found that the investment has always multiplied itself many times over.

Once you have decided which organizations seem to be a good fit and you decide to join, don’t forget to include the name of each profession organizations on your resume’.  It can help you stand out in interviews and is invaluable when applying for grants and fellowships.

General Education

Adult Education

Early Childhood Education

Foreign Language

Health / PE / Dance

Literacy (English Language Arts)

Literacy (Math)

Literacy (The Arts)

Literacy (English as a Second Language)


Social Studies

Special Education/Gifted


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